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Fine Artistik Salon was voted “Best Hair Salon in NYC 2011”, “Best Hair Color Salons NYC”, “Best Balayage Highlights Salons NYC”. We are also known for being the “Best Highlights Salons NYC”, “Best Balayage Highlights Salons Upper East Side NYC”, “Best Hair Extensions Salons NYC” and the “Best Hair Color Correction Salons NYC”. Our Award winning hair stylists and colorists are some of the top hair stylists in New York City. Our creative hair styling and beauty team have worked on some of the fashion worlds most important photo shoots. We are also nominated for being the “Best Hairdressing Salon Upper East Side NYC 2012” & “Best Ombre Highlights Salons NYC”.

At Fine Artistik Salon, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best and we believe that healthy hair care is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve the most beautiful and healthy results possible we use some of the best products available in the beauty industry today. Products such as OLAPLEX, L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Color & Hair Care Products, INOA L’Oreal Ammonia Free Hair Color, Coppola Concept Hair Treatment, Brazilian Blowout, SEBASTIAN and more. We are the best hair color salons NYC!

To ensure optimal satisfaction with the outcome of the service provided, a complimentary thorough consultation concerning each client’s individual needs and desires is conducted before every service. Our main goal is to make sure we meet and exceed our clients expectations.


We also believe that continuing education and practical training of our staff ensures an excellent experience for our clientele. Attending hair shows/conferences, taking classes at nationally recognized academies such as REDKEN 5th. Ave NYC, Vidal Sassoon, L’Oreal SOHO Academy, Wella Education, Devachan, Toni & Guy, ALFAPARF, Orlando & Vegas Premier and Matrix participating in show events and keeping up with current trends in art and fashion are integral parts of our growth as beauty professionals. From customizing a haircut to recommending a hair color that will enhance your skin tone and eye color.

We will design a look to fit your personality and lifestyle. We feel that it is our privilege to inform you of all the great styling options that are available to you.

We specialize in highlights, blonde highlights, lowlights, haircuts, hair color, ombre highlights, balayage highlights, color correction, pastel color & pastel highlights, hair extensions, anti-frizz hair treatments & more! Our professional hair colorists & stylists are educators for L’Oreal Professionnel! We are Certified OLAPLEX hair salons NYC.

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best hair color salons nyc

loreal professional hair color salons nyc



355 East 77 Street, Upper East Side, New York NY 10075
Phone 212.772.2799




Best LOreal Hair Color Salons NYC. Majirel. Ammonia Free INOA. DiaRichesse. DiaLight.

Best LOreal Hair Color Salons NYC! In another day and age long gone by, hair color was primarily used to cover grey hair however L’Oreal has taken major steps and strides towards making hair coloring simple. Today hair coloring is a fashion statement in itself and changes with seasonal trends and fashion forecasts. Hair color is now mixed in several shades to produce streaks and highlights or worn in one shade itself.

best loreal hair color salons nyc

L’Oreal colors are undeniably the market leaders in the hair color segment and boast of high quality colors that do not damage your hair unlike cheaper options available in the market. They come in a variety of vibrant shades; L’Oreal Majirel Professional Hair Color and L’Oreal INOA Ammonia Free Hair Color are the two major salon products from the L’Oreal brand that effectively meet your hair color needs. These two ranges from the L’Oreal professional hair color charts alone rule the market these days! Let’s take a look at the best shades L’Oreal has to offer in terms of hair color so that you know which color is just right for you even as you take your first plunge into the exciting world of hair colors.

L’Oreal INOA Reds/Copper/Auburn: The INOA range of L’Oreal Professional Hair colors is a popular salon product and contains no ammonia hence causes no damage to your hair. Available in multiple shades, the various shades of red is by far the most popular option. It shows well on your hair and is perfect for subtle highlights on black hair. This color stays on for more than two months with proper care.

L’Oreal INOA Naturals: Ideal for those of you who believe that style should be subtle; these shades are made to closely resemble your natural hair color. Perfect for those looking for grey coverage. The L’Oreal INOA Naturals shade palette comes in nine naturally occurring hair color shades plus over 20 different tones.

L’Oreal INOA Warm Browns and Blondes: The INOA palette of warm browns and blondes contains ten dazzling varying shades of browns and blondes that are sure to leave you spellbound; these colors do wonders for the hair, giving it that rich lustrous look with added shine and volume.

L’Oreal INOA Blues and Greens: As the name suggests these L’Oreal professional hair color shades leave your hair looking positively delicious. The colors show well in the sunlight and look quite fabulous. It leaves the hair feeling soft and fizz free post application and also has a sweet smell that easily washes off. This palette is perfect for people who prefer to experiment and yet are afraid of going over the top. These seven subtle shades with only hints of green and blue are worth considering if you are contemplating making a glamorous fashion statement.

best loreal inoa hair color salons nyc

L’Oreal Majirel Professional Hair Color Shade Natural Black/Darkest Brown: This is for those who primarily use hair color to cover greys. It perfectly matches your natural hair color and effectively covers greys. It adds natural shine and volume to normally dry and frizzy hair.

L’Oreal Majirel Professional Hair Color Shade Light Blonde: If you aspire to hog the limelight or have all eyes on you, this is the shade for you. You can go all blonde for a shock and awe effect or else use this shade to highlight your hair for that upbeat trendy look.

L’Oreal Majirel Professional Hair Color Shade Light Auburn: This is a reddened brown shade that is more vibrant than the classic brown color. This color makes the face appear brighter and is perfect for those with olive skin tones.

L’Oreal Majirel Professional Hair Color Shade Light Red Copper Brown: This L’Oreal Majirel Professional Hair Color Shade is rich in Keratin which strengthens and brings life to dull hair. It last long and shows quite well. Light red copper brown is a subtle shade of red that is perfect for dark to dusky skin tones.

L’Oreal Majirel Professional Hair Color Shade Light Brown: Two to three shades lighter than the original hair color, the light brown shade from L’Oreal Majirel Professional Hair Colors is well suited for fair to medium complexion.

L’Oreal Majirel Professional Hair Color Shade Light Ash Brown: This shade does not really add color to the hair but is perfect for those who need grey coverage but prefer not to go back to the naturally black hair. It effectively adds bounce and volume to the hair and stays on for over two months.

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