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Fine Artistik Salon was voted Best Hair Color Salons NYC, “Best Hair Salon in NYC 2016”, “Best Balayage Highlights Salons NYC” and “Best Hair Coloring Salons NYC”. We are also known for being the “Best Ombre Highlights Salons NYC”, “Best Balayage Highlights Salons Upper East Side NYC”, “Best Hair Extensions Salons NYC” and “Best Hair Color Correction Salons NYC”. Our Award winning hair stylists and colorists are some of the top hair stylists in New York City. Our creative hair styling and beauty team have worked on some of the fashion worlds most important photo shoots. We are also nominated for being the “Best Hair Extensions NYC”, “Best Balayage Highlights Salon NYC” & “Best Highlights Salons NYC”.

At Fine Artistik Salon, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best and we believe that healthy hair care is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve the most beautiful and healthy results possible we use some of the best products available in the beauty industry today. Products such as OLAPLEX Treatment, L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Color & Hair Care Products, KENRA, Guy Tang – MyDentity, INOA L’Oreal Ammonia Free Hair Color, Coppola Concept Hair Treatment, Brazilian Blowout, SEBASTIAN and more. We are the best hair color salons NYC! To ensure optimal satisfaction with the outcome of the service provided, a complimentary thorough consultation concerning each client’s individual needs and desires is conducted before every service. Our main goal is to make sure we meet and exceed our clients expectations.


We believe that continuing education and practical training of our staff ensures an excellent experience for our clientele. Attending hair shows/conferences, taking classes at nationally recognized academies such as REDKEN 5th. Ave NYC, Vidal Sassoon, L’Oreal SOHO Academy, Wella Education, Devachan, Toni & Guy, ALFAPARF, Orlando & Vegas Premier and Matrix participating in show events and keeping up with current trends in art and fashion are integral parts of our growth as beauty professionals. From customizing a haircut to recommending a hair color that will enhance your skin tone and eye color.

We will design a look to fit your personality and lifestyle. We feel that it is our privilege to inform you of all the great styling options that are available to you.
We specialize in highlights, blonde highlights, lowlights, haircuts, hair color, ombre highlights, balayage highlights, color correction, pastel color & pastel highlights, hair extensions, anti-frizz hair treatments & more! Our professional hair colorists & stylists are educators for L’Oreal Professionnel! We are Certified OLAPLEX hair salons NYC.

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355 East 77 Street New York NY 10075 
Phone 212-772-2799





Best Salon For Highlights in NYC. Best Highlights Salons NYC. Are You Asking For The Right Kind Of Highlights?

In our many years as hair colorist, it surprises us to learn that a lot of people don’t really know the difference between a highlight and a lowlight, let alone the different techniques for achieving the former, arguably more popular, look. Many of my clients know the terms for the processes — namely, foils and balayage — but don’t often understand what’s involved in each one. Before you go to the salon seeking high or lowlights, arm yourself with some of the basics — and a photo! We are the best salon for highlights in NYC and our reputation is known for being the best highlights salons NYC!

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As hairstylists up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, we know the difference between a head full of foils, balayage, and ombre. But, as style seeking clients, do you know which is what? We are here to share with you the difference between these styles to help suit your needs, desires and keep you on trend. But, most of all help you know what to ask for.

FULL-HEAD / HALF-HEAD HIGHLIGHTS: Traditionally, full or partial highlights and lowlights isolate selected strands of hair and treat them with a color, lightener, or toner within foils. If applied evenly throughout the entire head, using weaving and slicing techniques, foils create a natural blend that mimics the way hair changes color over time in the sun. Thus, adding a sense of dimension, texture, and complimentary hues to the existing hair. Foils are the most traditional way of restoring radiance to dull hair or infusing a few different shades to the hair, but do not have as a dramatic result as block coloring.

“Highlights” is a general term that refers to strands of hair that are lighter than the base color they’re being laid upon. It’s commonly believed that a highlight is blonde, but actually a highlight only refers to a color that’s not as dark as the base strands. Highlights aren’t a one-size-fits-all, and neither is the way they are administered. Moreover, the type of highlight depends on a number of things: the look you want, the kind of hair you have, how blonde you wish to go. A rundown of the three main types of highlighting techniques, plus an explanation of lowlights, may help you decide what to ask for at your next color appointment.

WHAT ARE LOWLIGHTS: Unlike highlights, which are lighter than the base strands, lowlights are darker strands of color that are woven into the hair. This process typically produces depth and adds contrast when hair becomes overly light and one-dimensionally colored from being highlighted repeatedly. General oxidation and/or fading can occur from regular highlighting, which is another reason someone might opt to even things out with lowlights. A great technique to keep hair from becoming washed-out and monochromatic, lowlights should also be monitored, since, over time, your ends may become dark and muddy from over-processing. Greater than the decision you make on your hair style and color, however, is choosing your stylist.

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LOOKING INTO BALAYAGE HIGHLIGHTS? Balayage involves a stylist hand painting highlights so they look even more natural, with depth and dimension that resemble the effects of the sun. Balayage means ‘sweeping’ in French, and is a reference to the sweeping motions of the painting process. When painting, stylists start at the middle of the strand and sweep out toward the root or tip. As a result, there is no severe line of color at the root and the grow-out is more natural looking, which translates into longer-lasting results. Dark pieces are left throughout the bottom to create dimension and keep a more natural look.

We prefer the balayage look when we want something more dramatic. We also recommend it for clients looking for a casual, beachy look. Lighter tips and an almost ombré appearance help to define this look. But, balayage, which requires higher volumes of peroxide, may not be the right choice for everyone. To minimize the damage we offer the OLAPLEX Treatment & L’Oreal Professionnel SMARTBOND. Either way, always talk to your stylist before diving into any new process.

Now, that you have a better understanding about these different looks, are you ready for a change? The hardest part about finding someone to achieve these looks is making sure your stylist knows the proper techniques to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. As masters of our craft, we have been receiving so much buzz for our work! So be sure to make an appointment today and stay on trend!

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