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Best Hair Color Correction Salons NYC. Hair Color Disaster? Don’t Like Your Highlights?

Best Hair Color Correction Salons NYC & Best Highlights Correction Salons NYC! Highlights Correction. Allover Color Correction!

In the salon, we relish nothing more than the challenge of a color correction – show us a disastrous head of color and we’ll show you how to fix it! The team at Fine Artistik Salon, hair salon in New York City are highly experienced colorists who know exactly what to do to get your hair back to a healthy condition and a glorious color. We are the best hair color correction salons NYC and best highlights correction salons NYC!

Leading this team is an award-winning stylist Jacob Amin who holds a L’Oreal Color Specialist Degree which puts him in the top of color specialists in the USA.

best hair color correction salons nyc

We are passionate about all things color and love creating beautiful hair color as well as dealing with challenging hair problems. We also work with the highest quality products including an incredible INOA AMMONIA Free hair color by L’Oreal Professionnel. The color experts at Fine Artistik Salon are trained in all aspects of hair coloring including covering grey hair, regrowth and correcting hair color problems.

From over beaching to hair that turned brassy or yellow – we assess the condition and put a plan of action and prescribe the perfect solution. We are well equipped and experienced to restore your hair color to its best condition and prevent further hair problems. Attempting to correct your hair color at home may seem more cost effective, but this often ends in disaster. Let our hair experts ‘fix’ your hair color.

Hair that is over-processed can be dry and brittle, and appear dull and lifeless. This may be due to over exposure to the sun, sea or chlorine. We can color hair that is dry and damaged, leaving your hair vibrant in color with a beautiful condition. The first step to restore your hair is to replenish the moisture that has been lost. We have several products available to help your hair return to its healthy, vibrant state. We offer Keratin Hair Treatments, OLAPLEX treatment and Three (3) types of L’Oreal Pro-Fiber treatments that will allow your hair to be restored. Coloring your hair at home can be difficult – that is why we advise you to leave it to the experts.


Our color experts have years of experience and can offer a full assessment of your hair’s color and textures to ensure that you get the best color and result. Coloring your hair at home may result in uneven hair tones and bands of color overlapping through your hair. We can correct these uneven layers or hair color that is too brassy or yellow.

best highlights correction salons nyc fine artistik salon nyc

We will assess each part of your hair and talk you through what we can do to correct your hair problem. This will mean dealing with each strand of hair separately using individual techniques, colors and tones on each section of the hair. Our L’Oreal Professionnel expert stylists forte is color corrections and we have developed a strong reputation for them. Coloring hair is a combination of chemistry and art, and we have the passion, patience, talent and large store of knowledge to work with you and get your hair to where you want it to go.

We have earned a huge customer confidence in color corrections, because we have unsurpassed hair color correction technical skills and vast experience in correcting hair color that has gone wrong.

Our expert stylists offer bespoke treatments to correct color from previous hair dying sessions. They have one of the most common reasons for color correction is home hair dying sessions that have gone wrong, due to the dye being left on for too long or not long enough. Sometimes people simply change their mind after they’ve colored their hair, and other times color changes over time. There are many reasons for color correction but our stylists have seen them all before, so there’s no need to worry.

From highlights that are too orange in color to blonde hair that has gone yellow to dark bands of color that have overlapped from repeated home coloring to faded hair color to hair that has turned green in tone to hair color that requires a deep treatment. We have seen it all!

Best Hair Color Correction Salons NYC | Best Highlights Correction Salons NYC | Best Balayage Highlights Correction Salons NYC | Best Hair Color Salon in NYC

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