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PERMANENTLY dyeing hair goes hand in hand with damaging it. The process dries out hair and leaves it jagged. Ammonia — used to open the hair fiber so that dye molecules can nestle in — is as delicate as a can opener. It also smells horrid and sets delicate scalps afire. Our L’Oreal Professionnel team of colorists are known for being the best and our salon is the best ammonia free hair color salons NYC!

best ammonia free hair color salons nyc

So it’s not surprising that makers of lasting hair color have long sought an ammonia-free alternative that offers thorough gray coverage and a less unpleasant experience. Now, L’Oréal Professionnel’s INOA, which stands for Innovation No Ammonia, is a that game-changer! With INOA, hair is as smooth as it was before hair color.

Some salon colorists, who used to be skeptical that an ammonia-free dye could offer enviable results, adore INOA (pronounced in-oh-uh). Fine Artistik Salon switched to L’Oréal Professionnel INOA AMMONIA Free Hair Color partly to get first dibs on bringing INOA to their clientele.

But is it truly an innovation for the roughly 38 million women nationwide who have their hair dyed professionally? Only time will tell if ammonia fumes in salons will go the way of smoking in Manhattan bars. INOA bills itself as a “revolution,” but it is not the first ammonia-free permanent color to grace these shores. So why hasn’t the idea gathered steam before?

It could be that L’Oréal Professionnel is the first to remove ammonia and deliver amazing results.

To say we don’t need ammonia in permanent hair color is a big deal. For 50 years — if not longer — it’s been a given that lasting hair dye requires ammonia, so its ghastly odor must be endured. When you go to the salon and it doesn’t smell, it’s just better for the customer, it’s better for salon staff.


Some semi-permanent & demi-permanent hair dyes claim to be ammonia-free but they aren’t permanent. That is, they gradually fade and don’t uniformly cover gray. Demi-permanent dyes often use an ammonia alternative called MEA, or monoethanolamine, to more gently open the hair shaft. With MEA, it’s as if the cuticle is a door that’s slightly ajar, not swung wide open as it is with ammonia. That translates to less damage, depending on quantity.

best loreal ammonia free hair color salons nyc fine artistik salon

It’s a new, ammonia-free, in-salon permanent color system by L’Oréal Professionnel. Now some salons DO use no-ammonia colors already—but the difference with this one is that it’s permanent (not a demi), provides 100 percent gray coverage, and it doesn’t damage or dry out your hair!

The first permanent hair color without ammonia is enriched with oils and delivers the color to the heart of the hair. What’s left is beautiful color that’s bright, vibrant, shiny, healthy and looks natural. Plus, INOA leaves hair feeling conditioned with sublime color radiance until your next color appointment. Experience the ultimate in luxury color, with improved comfort during the development time and no odor. So you can sit back and enjoy the salon! Grey’s? No problem! INOA gives you high coverage, up to 100%, while still keeping the color looking bright and luminous. With a full range of colors, ask one of our L’Oreal Professional hair colorists which INOA shade, or cocktail of shades, is perfect for you.

New York City master colorist and hair stylist Jacob Amin is an expert and an artist, and can make any color dream become a reality. Our colorists use the latest techniques and follow the current trends while maintaining the safety and integrity of the hair leaving it healthy and conditioned. Hair color is our passion and we know the craft inside and out. L’Oreal Professionnel INOA results are consistently gorgeous. Whether you’re covering gray, changing color, or maintaining your current look.

Unlike many other hair color products, L’Oreal INOA is ammonia free, which means no more foul smell. The INOA permanent color line employs an odorless, itch-free “oil delivery system” which results in your hair being as soft and smooth as it was before the color was applied – an uncommon result with most typical ammonia-based hair colors. Although L’Oreal didn’t invent ammonia-free hair color, they absolutely perfected it, and believe in “Supreme Respect for the Hair”!

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