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Deciding to highlight your hair is a big step. Deciding what kind of highlights you want is another big step. But sometimes, when you sit in that salon chair with a stylist rifling through your hair as if there are, in fact, actual secrets hidden in there, you can become flustered—and confused. Suddenly caramel could mean honey blonde and honey blonde can translate into bleach and oh god, what DID YOU JUST DO? To prevent the worst from happening—and get the best, head-turning highlights ever, Fine Artistik Salon professionnel team of L’Oreal Professionnel hair color educators recognized world wide will help you choose the right shades & tones for you and we will explain how to achieve your desired hair color. We are the best blonde highlights salons New York NYC and not only for blondes but for all shades & tones: caramel, wheat, ash, baby blonde, red, auburn, brunette etc…

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For people who have a deep skin tone and darker hair color, it would be wise to keep the color on the deeper, richer side. It is often quite tricky to achieve a lighter and cooler color on these deeply hued strands, as they tend to pull red as you lighten them. For warmer complexions, go for cognac, maple and milk chocolate. Plum is also a great choice.

Medium complexions usually have the most versatility as they sit in the middle of the spectrum and encompass the most shade diversity. Eye color and complexion play a key role in determining the perfect pairing. For women with a warmer skin tone, hazel or green eyes and deeper hair color, maple, butterscotch, honey, and caramel tones play really well with their complexion and make their eyes appear brighter.

For those with warm medium skin and olive complexions with dark hair and eyes, coffee hues are best. For the daring, red and coppery red can be an amazing life-changing option. Medium complexions that lean towards the cooler side do well with beige blondes, taupes, and sandy blondes. We are the best blonde highlights salons New York NYC.

A cooler complexion with blue or light eyes can really pull of icy shades of blonde like platinum and vanilla that are often difficult to achieve with warmer skin and eye color.

While honeys and cognacs could work, for those with an inclination to go red, lean towards crimson and cranberry to offset your cooler skin tone.


But while hopefully this gave you the blueprint to amazing hair, don’t be afraid to yes—actually talk to your stylist. A good colorist should always take the time to discuss the shade suitability and maintenance with every client to ensure her desired color fits her lifestyle. Some shades, especially red or lighter shades on darker bases, require more salon visits and more frequent maintenance. Great hair color can make your complexion brighter and more youthful.

We are often asked to give advice on choosing highlights for someone’s hair, because for the most part, a lot of people tend to go to extremes when it comes to highlighting their hair. We will acknowledge that there have been periods where “high-contrast” highlighting was the norm. But these looks have never been remotely natural looking.

best hair salons for highlights in nyc

Fortunately, current trends have taken us to more natural spectra of highlighting. This is the source of the queries we receive since many people are still confused as to which highlighting choices are appropriate. Many still want to cling to the extreme colors, while others are simply unsure how to determine what colors will be compatible. Balayage highlights are the latest trend!

The subject of compatible colors is actually important in choosing highlighting colors. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the trickier aspects of choosing a highlighting color. You need to choose a color that will add depth to the starting color, but that also will blend with the color and not look out of place or result in some unfortunate color results. To that end, we need to consider the base color of the hair and determine some things about it.

The main two things we need to determine about the hair are the color base and lightness level of the starting color. Of the two, the one that is most important is the color base, since using a color for highlighting with a conflicting base color can have some unfortunate results. {NOTE: In the rest of this article we may use the terms natural color or starting color interchangeably. If you are looking to add highlights to your hair and your hair is already colored, we are referring to the color your hair is now.}

For instance: say your hair has a golden base color, and when you lighten it, the color naturally reveals itself as a golden-yellow. Now, if you used a highlight color that had an ash base, you’d find your highlights turning an unpleasant green shade. Likewise, even without an unfortunate color conflict, you can find yourself with issues. Such as with hair that has an orange color base (common among those whose hair is dark, chocolaty brown), it is important to pay attention to the amount of base color that is revealed as you highlight the hair. If you use a color that also has an orange base and is strongly reddish in hue, or has a golden base with equally strong tones, you can get very brassy results.

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