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When your hair color takes a turn toward the yellow or penny-hued side – and that is NOT the look you were going for – it CAN be fixed! At Fine Artistik Salon, our creative team of L’Oreal Professional hair color educators are recognized world wide for being the best hair colorists and known for being the best hair color salon NYC best highlights NYC! Our salon is an award winning salon in NYC for being the best hair color correction salons NYC, best balayage highlights salons NYC and best highlights salon NYC!

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Violet toned shampoos and conditioners, help to balance out orange or yellow tones in the hair since they sit opposite of orange on the color wheel. They will cancel out some of the brassy or orange tones that are present. But, a shampoo or a conditioner won’t completely solve the issue. For that, we highly recommend seeing a hair color correction specialist.

Toner (also known as semi-permanent color, glazes and glosses) is one of the best-kept secrets in the fight against brassy hair color. Toners help to counteract unwanted colors. Toning incorporates the basic color principle that “opposite shades cancel each other out.” Toning is usually done in a salon, although there are at home options available if you cannot make it to your favorite beauty parlor! Toner works to basically tone down the current shade of your hair. Remember, in order for toner to work successfully, the base color of your hair has to be correct. Also, if the hair color or highlights are red/orange, the only toner that might help is a darker shade. Unfortunately, ash blonde toner won’t help. It actually might turn the hair green/gray. Best hair color salon NYC Best highlights NYC!

A toner helps to limit brassiness in the hair but it won’t correct the shade of your base. If the base color is too brassy to begin with, toner won’t really do much for you. If you need to lighten your hair first, give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule your consultation. Hair color correction is sensitive!

Keep in mind that using a toner acts as a temporary quick fix. Don’t be too surprised if orange or yellow tones start to creep back up on you in a few weeks as your hair color fades. Remember that clear toners or glosses will not typically soften or correct brassy color but rather just add shine to your hair!

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Highlights/Lowlights will help to keep some variation in the hair by darkening some of the pieces that may have become too light or brightly colored for your liking. When your color has taken a turn for the worst, lowlights may just be your saving grace. To reverse the look of orange tones, darker color can be added back into the hair. Darker blonde shades will cool the hair without darkening it too much and the results can be beautiful! Unless you’re already pretty experienced, this brassy hair fix is best done at a professional hair salon that specializes is color correction.

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If your natural color is dark and you want to lighten it without turning orange, you can! The trick becomes, how to lighten it without getting an unwanted ghastly copper tone. The most likely reason why dark hair turns orange is because the hair is over-sensitized (previously damaged from either chemicals or life) and lightened incorrectly. This is especially the case with highlighting. If the lightening agent (the color or bleach) is not chosen correctly, or not left on long enough the hair is not lightened past the point of removing the yellow or orange pigment, those pigments are exposed and it looks “brassy.” Some hair types, naturally, have a lot of red undertone pigments which must be stripped off in order to achieve a lighter shade. So, imagine on top of those pigments, you’ve dyed your own hair at home with black box dye or dark brown or medium brown or light brown? That causes more red pigment deposit onto your hair. So, if that’s the case, truthfully speaking, you cannot walk into a hair salon and expect to walk out light blonde or ash blonde on that same day or in 1 session. It takes several sessions and months sometimes up to a year to achieve a desired hair color.

Try and stay within 2 shades of your natural hair color. For the most natural looking results, it’s best not to lighten too much too quickly. Especially when going from very dark to very light your chances of going brassy is greater.

Dark hair has a tendency to turn orange because the undertones of dark hair are red and orange. A good colorist will use the right formula for your hair and correct the undertones by balancing them out with cooler shades then your color should not turn orange. At home, it may be a little more difficult to choose the correct tones to help balance your brassiness. If you don’t have a basic knowledge of chemistry or the color wheel stay away from the drug store and instead visit a professional hair salon.

Hair is more than one color, even though it may look like it’s only the one shade. Hidden beneath the color you see in the mirror, there are a variety of warm tones contributing to the appearance of your hair, giving it depth and the darkness it needs to look the way it looks. The cool tones that also contribute to the shade are the reason why your hair looks like a balanced natural shade. These tones balance out the warmth to form the color you actually see when you look in the mirror. We are the best hair color salon NYC best highlights NYC!

If you’re not a natural blonde and have to bleach your hair to become blonde, you’re susceptible to brassy hair because of the way your hair is lightened and toned. Dark hair that is lightened with bleach is progressively lightened, revealing warm tones ranging from deep red all the way down to a pale banana yellow. Once it reaches a yellow color, it can be toned blonde with a dye to balance out that yellow base tone and form a natural blonde color.

As with all hair dyes, blonde shades can and do fade. The main difference here however is that instead of seeing your color get lighter as it would if you dyed it with a darker dye, brassy hair occurs. As your blonde dye fades, the cool tones wash out of your hair, causing more yellow, gold, and copper tones to become visible in your color once this balance is thrown off. Fixing brassy hair requires you to add these cool tones back in.

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