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Good blonde highlights can take 10 years off your face and brighten your skin tone. Bad blonde highlights do exactly the opposite and more. Highlighting your hair is like any art form: It requires precision, patience, vision and practice. Blond highlights might be the most difficult to do, well, because such a light color allows mistakes to show easily. However, at Fine Artistik Salon, our L’Oreal Professionnel team of hair colorists can fix bad highlights! We are the best highlights salon NYC and we specialize in hair color correction and we are known for being the best highlights correction salons NYC!

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Most women (if not all), have at least one hair color-related sob story to tell. And the universal salt in the wound is that it often takes place right before one of the biggest milestones in your life. Whether it’s a botched DIY dye job, a not-so-subtle streak of highlights or an unfortunately bad balayage experience, before you lose all hope and reach for the scissors consider this: Most color catastrophes are fixable!

If your color job left your locks with more brass than a Michael Bublé album, your first instinct might be to book in a quick fix. But, for the sake of your hair, consult an expert before doing anything. Since tones, formulas and techniques can be so varied, a professional assessment about when and how your hair can be processed again is crucial, as they’ll be able to determine what is best for maintaining the health of your hair. Best highlights salon NYC.

One of the easier hair coloring mistakes to correct, a too-brassy dye job calls for a toner. Brassiness can be a result of a darker base not being processed enough, so applying toner helps get the job done. If you can’t wait for your next trip to the salon to nix those brassy tones, a purple or blue-tinted shampoo which contains correcting and neutralizing pigments is a temporary solution.

BALAYAGE HIGHLIGHTS NYC: Despite it being one of the most coveted hair color trends, many people still have the wrong idea on what balayage actually is and as a result, sport dark roots and light ends. In fact, the term means “to sweep”, and is always done freehand by a colorist. Don’t risk the ‘top deck’, dip-dyed look by attempting this at home – go see a professional who will give your hair effortless, naturally sun-kissed color instead.

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If you’re unfamiliar with highlights, the concept can be a little overwhelming. And just as there are thousands of shades of red lipstick, the different results you can achieve with highlighting are countless. With so many choices, where do you start?! To help you get the exact look you want, here’s a quick rundown on highlights.

From dark to light and everything in between, here’s what you need to know before you book that appointment.

FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS: Color trends are forever changing, and with new names popping up (ecaille tortoiseshell ombré, anyone?), it’s important for stylists to educate their clients about what is going to suit them best. Every day, we give advice to our clients in the chair on which color tones suit them best; depending on their skin tone and what complements them.

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It’s a good idea to bring in photos of what you like and don’t like – just be sure they don’t get mixed up! Lastly, consider your cut before your color. After all, you want your color to work with your cut. Plus, what’s the point of chopping all that beautiful new color off?!

Skip the root concealer touch-up on the day of your appointment. Trying to cover up any regrowth or grey’s hinders the colorist more than it helps. They need to see the true base color so go on, put your roots on show. Don’t worry too much if you arrive with dirty hair, but be kind to your colorist and skip the post-gym sweatiness.

WHAT TO DO IN BETWEEN VISITS: It’s important to keep your hair in the best possible condition between salon visits, so listen to your colorist! Blondes, try not to overdo it on the purple shampoo. Do, and you’ll be responsible for over-toning your hair, and dulling the pretty flecks you worked so hard to achieve in the first place. Anyone with balayage needs a cocktail of products: something to give the roots volume and lift, and a conditioning treatment to repair the ends.

Foil highlights are more noticeable than balayage, specifically at the roots and middle part of the hair. But despite what most people think, they’re not just for blondes or those wanting to go a lot lighter. Foils highlights are the most popular variation of highlights, and can be applied to any hair color (even fiery reds!): Every client is different, but you can still keep your natural hair color which will look softer once it grows out.

Balayage highlights: Hair-painting, balayage, ombre… Call it what you want, but it’s extremely popular and ideal for girls with a low-maintenance approach to their hair. It creates an effortless sun-kissed look with lightness on the ends of hair, so growing it out isn’t an issue. And if life gets busy and you forget to book in a color appointment for a little while, that’s fine too. Best highlights salon NYC.

As a general rule, dark hair has an underlying red pigment that comes through when the hair is lightened. Play up these warmer tones, because they already suit you best. If you’re dark and don’t mind visiting the salon every four weeks, then go for gold. It works especially well on olive skin tones. To achieve babyblonde, ash blonde or platinum tones on dark hair, that’s a commitment and don’t rush into those colors. That is not something that will be easily achieve on dark hair especially on hair that has been colored at home. To minimize the damage and to get you to a lighter tones we always highly recommend getting the OLAPLEX hair treatment with the highlighting or double process bleaching your hair.

Lightening your hair can be addictive – ask anyone who’s ever gone from subtle highlights to full-on blonde. If you’ve loved having lighter ends but feel like you need more, then why not take that blonde all the way to your roots? If you choose to put different tones of blonde throughout your hair, you can hold on to that textured look you loved about balayage. Also, depending on your skin tone, lighter hair can complement your features and make your skin glow. As beautiful as blonde hair can look, you have to be on top of the upkeep. If your hair is naturally really dark, it will only take a few weeks for your roots to show. So if this is the direction you’re looking to go, be mindful of the time and money it’ll take to maintain it. Oh, and don’t forget the lighter your hair, the more you need to care for its condition. Best highlights salon NYC.

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