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Best Balayage Highlights Salon NYC & Best Balayage Highlights Salons NYC

Best Balayage Highlights NYC. From Natural & Flawless Hand Painted Balayage Highlights To Bold & Pastel Hair Color Highlights

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Balayage Highlights

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From traditional foils highlights to balayage highlights, we are the pro’s when it come to highlights and hair coloring.

Balayage highlights is a coloring technique used to create sun-kissed, natural-looking highlights. Used as an alternative to foil highlighting, it is the action in which hair color is swept or painted on to the hair to create depth and dimension. We are the Best Balayage Highlights Salon NYC!

best balayage highlights salon nyc

Balayage highlights is the in-salon color service choice among celebrities, models and fashionistas – those that demand hair color to be designed exclusively for them. Balayage hair painting isn’t just for blondes. It is perfect for brunettes and redheads that want a subtle, sun-kissed look.

Minimal Maintenance – Balayage highlights is less expensive to maintain than traditional highlights. Many can go 3 – 4 months between appointments since your natural hair color will blend in with the natural-looking, painted highlights as it grows.

Ultra-Customized – Balayage hair color technique allows your colorist to utilize their creativity and artistic talent to personalize the placement of each highlight for a customized result.

Hair painting balayage highlights is the most popular hair coloring request in salons today. The go-to for modern, chic hair, balayage highlights creates depth and dimension, and leaves you with a sun-kissed finish. Balayage is a French coloring technique that was developed in the 1970’s. It’s a freehand technique where the color is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Balayage highlights can be used in even the shortest pixie crop however the best results are in hair below the shoulders. Our professional staff are award winning colorists for being the best! We are highly recommended when Googling for best balayage highlights salon is NYC.


You can achieve so many different effects from soft, natural highlights to something strong and punky. The fact it’s so low maintenance is such a draw card for women too. People want to look fashionable and feel good about their appearance but in this day and age we don’t all have the time to be in the salon every few weeks for a touch up.

It’s also a very economical way to color your hair, as you never have a solid demarcation line or regrowth, so if you can’t afford to get it done for another month it won’t look atrocious. However, if your balayage isn’t done correctly you can end up with excessive overlapping that can cause damage which will lead to extremely dry hair and even hair breakage. That’s why you should only see a professional that specializes in Balayage hair painting technique.


The process varies depending on the length of the hair and the desired result. You can expect to have individual strands colored with a brush and a backing board. Some colorists like to separate their sections with cotton wool or foil, others tease the hair in sections first then freehand color the ends.

best hair salons in nyc for highlights

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