Best Double Process Hair Bleaching Salon NYC. Everything You Need To Know About Bleached Hair:

Whether you love to highlight your blonde hair, lighten dark brown hair or sport a new, vivid hair color like baby pink or mint green, it’s likely that hair lightener will be part of your hair color plan. Bleaching your hair is a must to achieve many hair color results. If you currently bleach your hair, or you’re toying with the idea, the pros at Fine Artistik Salon are ready with the answers to all your hair bleach questions. We are the best bleach blonde hair color salon NYC or just using the bleach on your hair.

What Is Hair Bleach And How Does It Work?

A hair lightener is generally comprised of a combination of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Working together, these elements first open up the cuticle surface of the hair strand, then penetrate the inner strand. Once there, they break up the natural hair color, giving the hair a lighter appearance.

Why Do You Need Bleach?

Hair lighteners are the most effective way to lift your natural hair colors for a highlighted appearance. In order to see the new hair color, you must also pre-lighten your hair in order to create a light “canvas” before toning it with a pastel or bright fashion color, unless your hair is already naturally quite light.

What’s The Safest Way To Bleach Your Hair?

The number one safety rule is to leave hair lightening to the pros. An experienced hair stylist will understand exactly how to mix and apply the lightener, and how much your hair will or will not be able to take. For example, when touching up bleached hair, it’s important not to apply fresh bleach over the previously-bleached hair. Doing so puts too much stress on pre lightened hair.

Hairstylists understand that while bleach is breaking down the pigment in your hair, it’s also breaking down the structural bonds that give hair its strength and elasticity, or ability to hold its shape. Therefore, a pro will be able to assess the condition of your hair and will refrain from doing anything that will push it too far. Also, many hair pros use special bond-protection additives such as OLAPLEX and SMARTBOND in their bleach formulas. These bonders do two things. First, they protect the existing bonds from severe damage. And second, they repair and restore the bonds that have already been damaged. We are the best bleach blonde hair color salon NYC!

Who Should Avoid Bleaching Their Hair?

Anyone with extremely fragile or damaged hair should proceed with caution. It’s also not advisable to bleach hair that has been recently relaxed or permed. And keep in mind that it often requires several sessions of lightening to achieve a desired effect, particularly if your hair is darker. In those cases, it’s important to space out those sessions by every six weeks or so, over the course of several months, to allow your hair to recover between lightening applications. Hair colorists are NOT magicians and we can only achieve what YOUR hair will allow us to achieve. It depends on your previous years of hair coloring history.

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