Best COPPOLA Keratin Treatment NYC. Formaldehyde FREE COPPOLA Keratin Concept Salons NYC.

Keratin is a protein and the major component in skin, hair & nails; in fact, the hair is mainly comprised of keratin-associated proteins. Keratin acts both as a protective protein in the cuticle (the outer layers of a hair strand) and as an internal structural protein in the cortex (inner core of the hair that helps determine its strength). Our keratin hair treatment specialists at Fine Artistik Salon are Peter Coppola Certified. We are the nest COPPOLA keratin treatment NYC salon!

COPPOLA Keratin Hair Treatment. Formaldehyde FREE Hair Treatment

Keratin is depleted when hair is damaged physically, chemically and/or from environmental factors. This keratin loss exposes the hair’s cortex and causes porous spots to develop—much like potholes in a road. Replenishing lost keratin helps to correct porosity and smooth the hair’s surface. It restores strength and elasticity, giving the hair a more youthful, healthy appearance.

The innovative technology binds keratin to the hair, helps prevent humidity from penetrating the hair, thus locking out frizz. Reverses the signs of damage and promotes overall hair strength and vitality to provide a restorative boost and unparalleled protection for your hair. Is free of formaldehyde and aldehydes that is safe for all hair types.

Smooth Soft Silky Hair! No More Frizz. Results Last Up To 6 Months

Have you ever wished that your hair was more manageable? Softer? Smoother? Had more shine? COPPOLA Keratin Treatment is your answer.

This revolutionary smoothing system eliminates up to 95% percent of frizz, leaving your hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Results typically last 3 to 6 months depending on hair type.

Keratin treatments rejuvenate and revitalize your hair, giving it a softer, silkier feel that everyone raves about. If done at the same time, they also help to seal in your color so it lasts longer.

Avoid Humidity And Frizzy Hair. Get The Soft & Shiny Hair You’ve Been Wanting

The more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. With each treatment, the build-up of Keratin makes the hair:

Smoother and Silkier
Straighter and Shinier
Easier and Faster to blow-dry
Resistant to the effects of humidity

COPPOLA Keratin Hair Treatment is gentle enough to use on ALL hair types: color treated, chemically processed, bleached or highlighted.

At Fine Artistik Salon, NYC you will find several Brazilian Keratin certified stylists. Many of our stylists have been performing hair smoothing services since they were available in the US in 2007.

Our stylists are Peter Coppola Certified and use the Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment. As the first OSHA compliant Keratin treatment brand, Coppola is widely considered to be the top brand in the industry for effectiveness. We are the best coppola keratin treatment NYC salon.

What Is Your Current Hair Coloring History & What Hair Color Are You Looking To Achieve?

DO I NEED A CONSULTATION? YES! Brazilian Keratin Treatments are appropriate for every hair type. Of course, if you prefer to have a consultation, one of the stylists will be happy to analyze your hair and make sure all of your questions are answered. Alternately, we are available to answer questions regarding this treatment over the phone.

IS COPPOLA KERATIN TREATMENT SUITABLE FOR ME? COPPOLA Keratin Concept is perfect for almost everyone regardless of hair type. It’s recommended that you not have any perms, relaxers, or straighteners within the 2 weeks prior to your Keratin treatment. Other than that, the only exceptions would be for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or persons with very high sensitivity to chemicals (as with other salon services like color or perms).

Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Hair Salons NYC

HOW EASY WILL MY HAIR BE TO HANDLE AFTER THE PROCESS? After having the process done all you will need to do when you wash your hair is a quick blow dry style; that’s pretty much it! You will spend less time than you normally spend in your quest to achieve straight hair. Once dry, you are ready to face the New York City humidity and, if you do get caught in some rain, you won’t end up with frizz. Best COPPOLA Keratin Treatment NYC.

WILL I LOSE ALL OF MY CURLS? A lot depends on the current condition of your hair. COPPOLA keratin complex is designed to smooth your hair and remove frizz. It would generally be safe to expect at least a 50% reduction in your curl with a Keratin hair treatment. If you want to keep some curl, make sure to tell your stylist. They will adjust their ironing technique to give the desired result. If you start with a lot of curl and you prefer straight hair, you may still end up with some curl or waves if you just let your hair dry naturally. Either way, you will see a dramatic reduction in flat iron time.

In our NYC hair salon, we are known for being the best Coppola keratin treatment NYC salon! Our team is certified in COPPOLA Keratin Concept Treatment.