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best hair coloring salons in NYC ammonia free

L’Oréal Professionnel Salon, Fine Artistik Salon is understandably proud of its INOA permanent hair color, claiming the ammonia-free color truly respects the hair. Since L’Oréal Professionnel launched 10 years ago it has become the color of choice for many of the world’s top colorists, including Jacob A of Fine Artistik Salon in NYC.

Here are several reasons why the world’s most discerning color pros have embraced INOA for their businesses and for their clients. We are the best hair coloring salons in NYC ammonia free!

The Technology was First to Market

Ten years ago, INOA revolutionized the hair color industry with the launch of its groundbreaking ODS² Technology. Unlike traditional permanent hair color containing ammonia, the Oil Delivery Technology uses the power of oil to maximize the effectiveness of the hair coloring process with minimal concentration of an alkaline agent. “Oil and water repel, and when you have oil on the hair strand, it actually drives the color product and the color molecules deeper into the hair strand, making for a long-lasting result,” explains Jacob A.

It’s Gentle

Thanks to the fact that INOA’s formula contains 60% oil, the hair becomes hydrated and nourished, and most importantly, the hair is respected. “INOA was the answer to a question I had for a long time,” says Jacob A, “namely, how can hair color be gentle? My clients enjoy something that’s not harsh or abrasive on their hair. And the fact that a client can notice the difference in their hair texture and how shiny it is after a hair service is astounding.”

The Performance Never Disappoints

“One of our guests, who’s been with us for over 14 years said, ‘Oh my gosh it doesn’t have a fragrance, and my drastic fading reduced completely!’” That’s exactly why we stuck with it. It’s all about the product performance, whether it’s grey coverage, vibrancy, durability and of course the care for the hair. It’s one of the highest performing hair colors I’ve ever used.

The Shade Range is Vast

With 116 shades to date, the options are endless. INOA offers classic shades, cool tones with high resistance to fading, gold naturals with a hint of warmth, and intense reds, including special technology for long-lasting redheads. There truly is a shade within the portfolio for every client.

You Can Rest Easy When It Comes to Grey Coverage

INOA offers up to 100% grey coverage every time. “Not all ammonia free color lines will cover 100% grey hair,” says Jacob A, colorist with Fine Artistik Salon. “With INOA it’s consistent every time. INOA is so creamy, it stays on the hair exactly where you paint it.”

INOA was the answer to a question I had for a long time. That’s exactly why we stuck with it.

Balayage Loves INOA

L’Oréal Professionnel’s Balayage Method can be paired with INOA’s perfectly balanced cool and warm shades, creating a lowlight effect. Painting with INOA offers the ultimate personalization with natural-looking color results for clients, and highlights a stylist’s professional difference. INOA’s creamy consistency allows for an easy glide, making the hair painting process seamless.

best hair coloring salons in NYC ammonia free

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