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Best Hair Highlights Ombre NYC. Not Sure To Choose Ombre Or Balayage Highlights?

We Are The Best Hair Highlights Ombre NYC Salon. We Will Help You Choose Between Ombre Highlights Or Balayage Highlights

Hair Highlights Ombre Salons NYC. Sunkissed Or Pastel Vivid Ombre Highlights?

L'Oreal Professionnel NYC Salon Specializing In Ombre Highlights, Balayage Highlights & Highlights Correction

Ombre Highlights Salons NYC Top Hair Colorists In NYC Specializing In Hair Color

Fine Artistik Salon L'Oreal Professional Hair Colorists Specialize In All And Every Hair Coloring Technique Including The Latest Pastel Ombre Hair Colors

Hair Highlights Ombre

BEST HAIR HIGHLIGHTS OMBRE NYC. BEST OMBRE HIGHLIGHTS NYC. BEST OMBRE HIGHLIGHTS SALONS NYC. BEST OMBRE BALAYAGE HIGHLIGHTS SALON NYC. First of all, you need to decide which effect you’d like to achieve. Some ladies opt for subtle ombre or highlights which add radiant glints to the basic hair color, looking very natural. Others prefer more distinct transitions of color or separate color sections, making any haircut edgier and more prominent. Best ombre highlights NYC, Best balayage highlights NYC, Best hair highlights ombre NYC!

Dark hair can benefit from color accents of contrasting hues, such as platinum blond, deep red, copper, purple or lighter nuances, like caramel, walnut, bronze, toffee, etc. It’s also very important to choose the hues that will be in harmony with your skin tone. Bronze, copper and rich reds will make darker skin tones bloom and glow. Medium-toned skin will benefit from intense browns, coppers and toffee. Fair-skinned beauties can use blondes, platinum, ash tones and lighter caramel hues.

best hair highlights ombre nyc

To give your hairstyle an easy update, try a color that’s relatively close to your own, so you create a shimmery, natural glow effect. Place the highlights around the crown of your head and extend them fully to make them appear as natural as possible. Fine Artistik Salon is known for being the best ombre highlights NYC salon!

Introducing Ombre Highlights Trend! The French-termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. It’s been spotted on plenty of A-list celebs: Chanel Iman, Jennifer Hudson, Naomi Campbell, Raven-Symone, Khloe Kardashian and many others. Finally, a trend that doesn’t require a busy woman of the world to run to the salon every 8-12 weeks for a touch-up! We’re the best ombre highlights NYC salons!


This style of coloring really became more popular when Khloe Kardashian appeared on Keeping Up with The Kardashians, the color faded to a touch of blonde on the ends. However, if done properly, the process can create quite the bill at the check-out of Fine Artistik Salon, so here’s what you should know:

Consider your profession and future aspirations before you go with the bolder shades. The A-listers have started a trend that essentially looks like “grown out” color, which, thankfully, makes it easier on those of us who just don’t have the time to traipse to the salon every few weeks for a retouch. However, remember, the more creative a person chooses to be with their color shading, the more attention they may acquire.

Choose shades that will compliment your skin tone as well as wardrobe choices. A person can choose one to three colors to shade for the “Ombre highlights” effect. In the warmer months, shoot for lighter, more vibrant shades and in the winter months, choose cooler, more ash tones. For a dark chocolate beauty: deep reds, coppers, and cool ash make for beautiful choices. For the caramel-coated lovely: rich browns, coppers, possibly even violets (depending on career character). For the fair maiden: ash tones, subdued blondes, golden caramel tones will add warmth to her olive skin. But of course talk to our color specialists and both can agree on the color that best suites you and your personality and accommodates your features.

If there has been a previous color, you WILL NOT be able to achieve the “Ombre” effect successfully without some color correction (or maybe even more drastic measures).

Vanessa Hudgens dips her toe in the ombre hair trend with soft blonde tips for her brunette waves. Enliven your hair with subtle highlights at the ends. Kate Beckinsale lightens her glossy chocolate locks and adds a glamorous waves. Cameron Diaz rocks a sweet and subtle dip-dye. See… Lauren’s been rocking this look for years: make her your style guide for success.


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