Best Highlights & Hair Coloring Salon NYC! Awesome Hair Color Ideas For Year Round:

What better way for a change than with a hair color change? The great thing about hair color these days is you can do a little, or you can do a lot, depending on where your mood takes you. Whether you’re dreaming of some trendy balayage highlights, a purple hair extravaganza or a striking red hair design, here are some awesome hair color ideas that can transform your natural blonde hair or brown hair into something truly special. There’s something new for every month of the year or just year round. Fine Artistik Salon is known for being the best hair salons in NYC for highlights coloring or just coloring in general!

Balayage Highlights:

This trend of neutral shades of balayage highlights adds incredible dimension and sophistication to chocolate brown hair. Not too warm, not too cool—it’s just right! The beauty of balayage highlights is they can be applied lightly or heavily, depending on the desired effect. Mostly balayage highlights applied in wide panels to frame the face and brighten the overall hair color.

Balayage & Babylights:

For the ultimate in blended highlights in brown hair, upgrade your look with a combination of balayage highlights and babylights. The thicker, hand-painted balayage lights “live” on the mid-lengths and ends, while the finer babylights are placed off the part and around the face for a beautiful glow. Keep your hair silky and frizz-free with a daily, moisturizing leave-in tonic that also strengthens locks.

Metallic Rose Gold Hair:

Rose gold hair color can skew toward a peachier warm tone, or a cooler rose tone. Extremely trendy hair color! We are best hair salons in NYC for highlights coloring.

Cranberry Hair Color:

Red hair color gets a juicy twist with cool red hues. It’s perfect for a natural redhead who wants to intensify her hair color, or a natural brunette in search of something unique and vibrant. Keep rich hair color like this on-tone and healthy with shampoos and conditioners that prevent premature faded hair color.

Dusty Lavender Hair:

The secret to fashion hair colors is to blend a variety of tones for natural-looking highs and lows. A mélange of violet, lilac and lavender that play off each other in a lively and realistic way. To keep fine, color-treated hair, like pastel hair colors, looking full and vibrant, use a lightweight, oil-free, gel-based conditioner. But keep in mind, pastel hair colors such as dusty lavender, rose gold etc… fade quickly!

Opalescent Blonde Hair Color:

You’ve been buttery blonde, platinum blonde and balayage blonde. Now there’s a new blonde hair color in town and it’s stunning. Opalescent, cool white tones create an ethereal effect that’s almost otherworldly. To achieve this clean, white blond hair color, it will be necessary to get your natural hair as light as possible before overlaying the final demi-permanent hair color tones. Have your stylist add OLAPLEX treatment to your color formulas to prevent hair breakage and damage. Best hair salons in NYC for highlights coloring!

Ash Brown Hair Color:

This shade is #hairgoals for anyone with brown hair! An artful combination of pearly and smoky grey and brunette tones brings this brown hair color up to a whole new level of sophistication. It’s a gorgeous shade if you have cool-toned skin and green or blue eyes—the combination will be intensely striking!

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