Best Haircut Hair Salon NYC. Sassy Bob & Lob Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Have you ever noticed once you become interested in something, you start to see it everywhere? Take that new car you just bought as an example. Until now you hadn’t noticed the model at all but the second you drove it off the lot you started seeing it everywhere! I recently had a hair epiphany: I wear a bob haircut. And so does everyone around me. At Fine Artistik Salon, NYC our hair stylists and salon are known for being the best haircut hair salon NYC.

While most people spend their time at the grocery store checkout browsing gossip magazine headlines, as a hairdresser, I’m surveying every hair style, cut, and color around me. From the woman with the messy top knot holding diapers to the poised redhead in a pencil skirt, I see it all. And lately, when I look around, whether short or long, young or old, pumps or pampers, everyone is wearing a bob haircut. Of all the styles and trends in hair over the decades, the bob haircut is the one that has stood the test of time. Whether you’re growing out a shaggy pixie cut like mine, or have freshly cut your long locks, we share a collective middle ground in today’s modern bob hairstyle. Here’s how it’s being worn across the U.S.

The Shattered and Short Bob:

Shattered piecey lines on the outside with undercuts and clean lines hidden underneath create an artistic, edgy feel. This same haircut can be worn smooth like glass, as well as perfectly messy. Generally, bob hairstyles work best with medium to fine density but this haircut works with all densities. The undercut can eliminate extra weight to help create smooth hair that sits well no matter what.

The Long Bob with Bangs:

Longer bobs with bangs can be worn smooth and sleek, or wavy with a lived-in feel. This timeless look usually brushes right on top of the shoulder with bold straight bangs and is ideal for wavy or straight hair that’s fine to medium in density.

The Blunt Bob Haircut in New York City:

When going short and blunt, Bergstrom’s younger clients tend to lean for a more textured, piecey look, while her mature clients prefer the more conservative sleek and polished style. We are the best hair salon in NYC for haircuts!