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Get the Look You Want: Foils, Foilyage or Balayage Highlights

Looking for a color change but not sure what might be the best choice? There are two popular color techniques to add definition to your hair. The battle of deciding between balayage vs. foil is up for debate. But there may be some differences to help you decide which technique is best for you.

Sometimes you find a picture, and you love the look but aren’t sure how it might look on you. That is where our stylists come in! Fine Artistik Salon, is known for being the best olaplex highlights salons NYC for foils, foilyage and balayage highlights.

What Are Highlights, And How Can They Make You Bright?

You have to know a little bit about hair painting techniques to understand the method used by the pros. We will tackle the best of balayage and foils to help you decide which side to join if you are on the fence. It depends on whether you are trying to go for a more intense look or more natural. Hair foils give a defined, controlled look, while balayage will look more natural and painted. Both are great, but one may be more “you” than the other.

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Foils?

Traditional hair foils involve sectioning off the hair and then applying the product strategically. Once the product is applied, the stylist will bend the hair into foils for processing. Stylists use foils for both highlights and lowlights.

Foils highlights also offer more control for the stylist. The foils keep hair maintained, so the color does not blend into surrounding hairs. The stylist will usually place the foils close to the scalp, so hair is lightened root to tip.

Highlighting results in more rigid lines of demarcation than balayage, but some stylists have found a way around that. The right color and technique can help blend the foil lines, so the roots remain bright.

Foils can be both thick or thin, depending on your preference. We are the best olaplex highlights salons NYC!

What Are The Benefits Of Foilyage?

Foilyage is a blend between highlights and balayage. The hairstylist will paint the color onto the hair like they do when they use a balayage technique. Then the stylist places the colored sections in foils, just like with highlighting.

And the result is a beautifully painted color with a bit of the intensity of what you get with foils. It can be a good option for women with fine or thin hair that is prone to breakage. You can get the color without the damage.

What Are The Benefits Of Balayage?

Stylists use balayage to create a more natural look. The French word balayage means “to sweep.” Stylists use a freehand technique to paint the color onto the hair. The result is usually a beautiful sun-kissed color that blends naturally into the base color.

The stylist doesn’t use foils for the balayage coloring process. Balayage sometimes begins close to the root, and other times stylists start the painting technique midway down. It all depends on your preference!

Usually, the color is processed as the stylist continues to color the rest of the hair. Often stylists use plastic over pieces to separate them, but foils are not typically used with the balayage technique. Fine Artistik Salon, is known for being the best olaplex highlights salons NYC.

What is the result of balayage? A soft, natural color that blends into the base color with ease. Many clients like it because it grows out naturally. You only need a touch up about every 3-6 months.


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