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As much as we love the endless options that hair color can give us, there are drawbacks. The truth is, hair color just really isn’t all that great for your hair, or your body. That’s why ammonia-free hair color has always caught our attention. But, is it really better for you? YES! We are the best organic hair color salons NYC. At Fine Artistik Salon, NYC we carry the entire line of L’Oreal Professionnel INOA – AMMONIA Free hair colors! Over 90 Shades & Tones!

L’Oreal Professionnel INOA AMMONIA Free Hair Dye Salon NYC

L’Oreal Professionnel INOA Ammonia-free hair dye may not actually be worse, it is definitely less harmful for the hair! Ammonia-free hair color is usually better for your hair than color with ammonia in it, but it really depends on how much ammonia content the specific color line has in it.

Best AMMONIA Free Hair Coloring Salons NYC. L’Oreal Professionnel INOA AMMONIA Free Hair Color NYC Salon.

The pros: According to celebrity hairstylists, ammonia-free color is best to use when you are coloring your hair for the first time or every 4-6 weeks when you go for your regular touch-up’s, you want to cover your first gray, or you just want to add some shine and warmth to your natural color. Most ammonia-free color disappears gradually each time you shampoo. We personally love working with ammonia-free color because of the shine of the color and the way it makes hair feel.

Say “NO” To Ammonia!

It’s not difficult to say “no” to something that is not particularly pleasant; it’s not like we’re saying no to chocolate or soap operas – we’re simply encouraging you to make a choice. Color your hair with ammonia-free products, or don’t; the choice is yours. But, let’s give you the low-down on ammonia and why non-ammonia based hair colors are the best at home hair color (so you can make an informed decision).

What is ammonia? Good question; it’s a powerful chemical – very powerful and not something to take lightly. For many, many years ammonia has been included, as a matter of course, in hair dyes.

Why is that? Because ammonia changes your hair’s Ph levels (it’s levels of acidity). You remember those litmus tests you used to do at school in the chemistry lab? The ones where you would dip a piece of litmus paper in a liquid and see whether it goes red or pink? Well, that was all about establishing whether a substance was acidic or alkaline. Human hair is naturally acidic and scientists working in the beauty industry long ago discovered that an alkaline chemical would open up the hair cuticle to allow dye to be absorbed, causing the color of hair to change. Ammonia, a well-known and commonly available alkaline solution seemed like the obvious choice at the time; it was relatively cheap and it worked.

But what about now? Well, let’s just say we – the beauty industry – have learned a lot over the years about ammonia-free hair color. For example, scientists now realize that changing the molecular structure of the cuticle using ammonia is almost impossible to reverse. Repeated use of ammonia-based color can result in permanent damage to your hair’s cuticles over time, causing it to lose moisture and become both brittle and dry (and no one wants that).

With AMMONIA Free Hair Color, How Is The Color Absorbed?

Good question; it’s true that getting a dye to take to your hair can be difficult without an alkaline ‘agent’ to help. But not if you know how. L’Oreal Professionnel chemists have spent years in the lab perfecting ammonia-free hair color, such as the INOA, which use natural oils to secrete color deep into the shaft of the hair. It’s clever stuff because those natural oils are far more hair-friendly (and everyone knows that happier hair looks and feels a lot smoother and silkier than ammonia-damaged hair).

In our NYC hair salon, we are known for being the best organic hair color salons NYC! We offer over 90 shades & tones of ammonia free permanent, demi & semi permanent hair colors.