Best Pastel Hair Color Salon NYC. How To Get Pastel Colored Hair That A Mermaid Would Be Proud Of!

For those of you who have little knowledge by the way of color mixing, you simply cannot color your natural hair a pastel shade unless you are pale blonde first. At Fine Artistik Salon, our hair colorists are known for being the best pastel hair color salon NYC. It’s a cruel fact of life, but if you’re not lucky enough to be naturally platinum, we’re afraid you have to reach for the bleach to be able to achieve a true pastel shade. Don’t freak out though! Here’s a little low down on the chemistry behind hair lightening:


The molecule within your hair shaft that is responsible for its natural color is called melanin. Bleach works by oxidizing the melanin, therefore irreversibly removing its color. Eumelanin, which is responsible for dark pigments in hair, is easily removed by bleach, sometimes leaving a slightly yellow tone. Phaeomelanin, however, which creates red or golden tones in hair, is more difficult to conquer! That is why if hair is not bleached correctly it can turn an uneven, brassy orange color.

As you can tell, bleaching is a very complex process and best left to the professionals. I sincerely do not suggest you try this at home. (Especially if it’s applied by your auntie, after several glasses of cheap rosé wine when you’ve had a stupid argument with your mom over an umbrella. Just saying.) Leave it to the professionals!

Choose Your Color Wisely — Look At The Facts

Any color can be pastelized, and we’ll show you how later, but before you decide on your first delicate shade, bear this in mind:

Some colors are like a brief fling, or holiday romance — they are wonderful while they last, but as quickly as they come into your life they will fade away, leaving nothing but a faint memory… These are the red tones. Pinks are notoriously flighty, making them perfect for a fashion color virgin, but a bit annoying to maintain. Luckily, Bleach London has the perfect remedy in the form of their Rosé shampoo and conditioner range — the first and only of its kind on the market. Lightly pigmented with their signature pink hue, this range helps maintain your pink color with every wash, and can help banish any unwanted green tones in blonde hair, too!

Other colors, however, just don’t know when to call it quits! Despite copious shampoos, fading treatments and DIY stripping jobs, they simply will not go away, and will affect whatever color you put on top. We know this from experience. Best pastel hair color salon NYC! We are also the best hair color salons NYC.