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Best Color Correction Salon In NYC & Best Hair Color Correction Salons NYC

Hair Color And Hair Color Correction Can Be Extremely Complicated And Damaging To The Hair However Our Colorists Specialize In Hair Color Correction

What Is Hair Color & Hair Color Correction? We Are The Best Of The Best!

L'Oreal Professional Hair Salon On The Upper East Side NYC Specializing In Hair Color Correction & Highlights Correction

Best Highlights Correction Salons NYC & Best Pastel Hair Dye Salon NYC

Highlights Hair Color Correction And Balayage Highlights Correction Salons NYC. L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Colorists In NYC

Color Correction

Best Color Correction Salon in NYC, Best Hair Color Correction Salons in NYC, Best Hair Color Correction Salons NYC AND Best Color Correction Salon NYC.

Our award winning hair color specialist are the best hair colorists in NYC specializing in hair color correction, hair color, highlights, balayage highlights, ombre highlights, corrective color and more! Award winning salon for Best Highlights Correction Salon NYC, Best Balayage Highlights Correction Salons NYC, Best Highlights Salon NYC and Best Balayage Highlights Salons NYC! The creative team of hair colorists at Fine Artistik Salon are known for being the best and our salon is known for being the Best Color Correction Salon in NYC. Orange/Brassy highlights? Looking for Ash tones? No worries! Trust us, we know what we are doing!

Corrective color and/or a Double process might compromise your hair and change its texture. In order for your hair to remain the same texture, to maintain it’s original integrity and not to compromise your hair we offer the OLAPLEX Hair Treatment & OLAPLEX Bond Builder

best color correction salon in nyc

Our professionals specialize in hair color correction, highlights correction, balayage highlights correction and ombre highlights correction.

Unhappy with your current hair color? Talk to us. We will listen to you, look carefully at your problem and give you our best recommendations on how to get the color results you want, as well as improve the condition of your hair. When you come to the salon to color your hair, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want. Educate yourself by doing some research and talking to friends who color their hair. We highly recommend that you bring pictures or hair swatches if you have them. The more communication the better: because everyone sees color differently, what’s auburn to you could look like strawberry blonde to someone else. It’s a good idea to take your colorists’ advice into consideration — a well-trained and experienced professional knows what will work with your skin tone and hair type, and whether the color you want is too far from your real shade to look natural.

Wrong color, you’ve take the plunge and gone with a permanent color or a strong semi permanent, but it’s just not what you’ve pictured. If you had it done at a salon, any good professional will be happy to adjust it if you’re not completely satisfied. If you just can’t live with it at all, we can use a color remover to lighten your hair, but you run the risk of further damage and a brassy look and you’ll probably have to dye it yet again. If you’ve used a gentle semi permanent color from a drugstore, most of it will eventually wash out — just keep shampooing. In any event, time and a haircut may be your best bets.

We are a L’Oreal Professionnel hair coloring salon in NYC!


Correcting “too light” color. If you’ve had your hair lightened and then decided platinum just isn’t your thing, come visit us at Fine Artistik Salon and we can simply apply a darker toner to get the shade you prefer. Occasionally, hair is so damaged that it just can’t absorb color. In that case, your only recourse is to either have the damage cut off or wait for the healthier hair to grow it. This might be the right time to treat yourself and your hair to a conditioning treatment.


Correcting “too dark” color. Don’t panic! During the first week after coloring, hair usually lightens a bit, especially after a few shampoos; this is particularly true of coarse and damaged hair. If you’ve used permanent color and you just can’t live with it, we are Fine Artistik Salon can use a color remover to lighten your hair. Do not try and attempt this yourself, you’ll risk further damage and a brassy look. You’ll probably have to dye it yet again. A deep conditioning treatment before you color is definitely highly recommended and is good for your hair.


Correcting “dull” color. Spray-on shine and silicone products give instant luster — just don’t overdo them or your hair will end up looking greasy. For a serious case of the dulls, consider a clear/color glaze. Highlights and/or lowlights will give your hair a livelier appearance.

At Fine Artistik Salon, we know color! We are the best hair color correction salon in NYC! You are in the hands of professionals!


best hair salons in nyc for highlights

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